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I feel that the alter-egos of Richie and Dave are beginning to wear out their welcome in my vanity cards. The spiritual searcher, "Richie," is named after my childhood friend, a gentle giant and bonafide genius. "Dave" is derived from the classic Cheech and Chong piece "Dave's not here." I used Richie and Dave to explore themes I was personally uncomfortable with. As fictional characters, I could send them charging into emotional, intellectual, moral, sexual and spiritual machine gun nests, while I sat safely behind the lines. This is literary cowardice. Beginning now, any vanity card musings will be written from my own point-of-view.

"Wait one darn minute! I'm real, and so is Dave! This should actually be called The Richie and Dave Vanity Card!"

"You're damn right, Richie. If anyone's fictional, it's Chuck Lorre."

Uh-oh, little help?

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1st Aired: 3 Mar 1999