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In tonight's episode, the great James Earl Jones delivers Charlie's eulogy during Charlie's imagined funeral. We wrote a portion of it to play in the background so that the scene could progress between Charlie and his pal, Andy (played by the one and only Emilio Estevez). But, as you'll see below, the sub-audible eulogy still managed to become a tale worth telling.


I'd like to take this moment to read one of Charlie's favorite parables. A story which I'm told gave him strength and inspiration during trying times. "Dear Penthouse Forum -- I always thought your letters were made up until this happened to me. I was stranded at O'Hare Airport one rainy night when two stewardesses from Lufthansa Airlines noticed the bulge in my carry-on bag. The bulge was actually nothing more than a Monte Cristo sandwich I brought with me in case I got a bit peckish. But homeland security being what it is these days, they requested that I step into a utility closet for a quick pat down and cavity search. The two stews, both named Greta, took turns *#@!&% me like a wild stallion. First it was me and Greta, then it was me and Greta, then it was me, Greta and Greta. Finally, it was Greta and Greta while I finished my sandwich."

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1st Aired: 15 December 2008